Friday, May 25, 2012

Richt gets extension, but no raise in new deal

No raise for Georgia head coach Mark Richt, but chance for more money | University of Georgia |
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GREENSBORO -- Mark Richt’s contractual reward for saving his job is to get a longer contract -- but not a much richer one.

Richt is not receiving a salary raise in his new deal and will continue to earn around $2.9 million annually. But he will receive stronger incentives.

The Georgia head football coach’s new deal still isn’t final, but athletics director Greg McGarity informed the UGA athletic board of those details Thursday.

“It’s about rewarding excellence,” McGarity said.

To that end, Richt’s performance incentives will essentially be doubled. He will also be given more latitude to seek endorsements, and his buyout will be adjusted. McGarity did not specify how it will be adjusted.
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Last season, most observers believed that Richt's job was in serious jeopardy if he didn't win at least a division title. Opening the season 0-2 with losses to perennial Cinderella Boise State and SEC East rival South Carolina seemed to all but seal his fate.

The team rallied for a 10-4 record, won the SEC East and played decently (in the first half) against eventual SEC Champion LSU.

Good enough to save his job and earn a contract extension, but not good enough to earn him a raise and put him in the top echelon of SEC coaches. Richt ranks fifth.


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