Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Morning Six Pack: May 09, 2012

imageNo, Officer. I have not yet begun to drink. Check back after this six stories on college football from around the country.

Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues....

Ahhh, Wednesday night BAMS... commentary on Sabans speech from the Crimson Caravan, The New York Alumni group, Troy Santiago-creative sports artist all join Blip, Bird, Thomas Watts and the Legend for our weekly campfire visit.

North Carolina players enrolled in suspect classes

Chair stacking or sociology? Football players at North Carolina made up more than a third of enrollments in suspect classes within a department the school investigated for academic fraud.

Appy State to Conference USA? It’s being discussed…

If Appalachian State is headed for the Sun Belt Conference, athletic director Charlie Cobb doesn't know about it.

Cobb sent out a message to fans via Appalachian State's athletic website saying the Mountaineers, who are currently in the FCS, are in talks with Conference USA and have been for the past year. That dispels the rumor that the Sun Belt Conference was considering adding Appalachian State and New Mexico State. Well, the Sun Belt could be considering Appalachian State, but its clear from the not the Mountaineers aren't considering the conference back.

Mike Leach has fun with the James “Five Dead Hookers” meme

the inscription reads "To Nick, CJK5H, Mike Leach." The CJK5H may be inscrutable to those who don't closely follow college football blogs, but for those who do, it's a pretty clear reference to "Craig James Killed Five Hookers", the so-called "Google bomb" perpetrated by various college football types over the last few years (and even acknowledged by the James campaign).

Auburn guard Thomas O’Reilly granted release to transfer

Auburn guard Thomas O’Reilly, who sat out his first year on campus as a redshirt despite being an early enrollee, has decided to transfer and been granted his release, an Auburn spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

New Malzahns vs. Old Malzahns in 2013

Or, to be technically correct and as it will appear on the schedule, Arkansas State vs. Auburn. In a press release, the Sun Belt school announced Tuesday evening that it will travel to The Plains in 2013 to take on the Tigers.  The game will take place at Jordan-Hare Stadium Sept. 7.

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