Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michigan commit burns Ohio State letter, then gets death threats from Buckeye fans

Michigan commit lights an Ohio State recruiting letter on fire, then gets death threats | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports
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Michigan commit Logan Tuley-Tillman, a four-star offensive lineman from Peoria, Ill., wanted to make sure there was no misconception about his allegiance to coach Brady Hoke and the Wolverines.

So, when he received a letter from rival Ohio State, he did the most Michigan thing ever and decided to light it on fire and post the photo on Twitter. Of course, this has made Tuley-Tillman a hero to Michigan fans and a villain for those who support the Buckeyes.

Tuley-Tillman told Yahoo! Sports that ever since he posted the photo, Ohio State fans have become unruly.

"There have been a couple death threats," Tuley-Tillman said. "And they've been sending my mom messages on Facebook. I just told her you can't listen to it because it's one of he biggest rivalries in sports."
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Alabama's Brent Calloway and TJ Yeldon know all about that sort of thing.


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