Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ESPN Loves'em some Bama football

Crimson Tide playing in 3 of ESPN's Top 10 games for 2012
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On his "100 Days Till Kickoff" notebook, Mark Schlabach put three Alabama games under his Top 10 Games for the upcoming college football season.

Alabama's game with Michigan in Texas on Sept. 1, which solidified a 7 p.m. time slot Tuesday, is ranked as the most anticipated game of the year. The Tide's game with Arkansas two weeks later ranks third, while the rematch of the BCS National Championship game with LSU comes in seventh.
Via Wesley Sinor at Sports Impact

I was going to save this story for tomorrow's Six Pack, but it bears a little more commentary than what usually accompanies the quick six.

Schlabach has the Cowboy Classic as the most anticipated game over the Alabama at LSU slugfest for a reason. The Classic will be played on ABC, ESPN's parent network while the slobber knocker in the bayou will be televised in prime time on CBS.

Clearly, the latter of the two games has a much greater impact on the national title chase because it'll be the third time these two titans have paired off in a year's time and even if Alabama slips against Michigan, it should still be squarely in the hunt for the crystal if it manages to escape a loss until November.

Still, give Schlabach some credit. He has the top four games featuring SEC teams and it's doubtful that ESPN gets to broadcast more than the first one.

100 days, y'all.


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