Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alabama’s Doug Nussmeier in rare radio interview (with audio)

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban notoriously famously refuses to grant media access to his assistant coaches, raising the ire of reporters, columnists and editors across the Southeastern Conference Landscape.

Maybe he’s softening with age and experience, as incoming offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier gave an amazingly candid interview to Mobile’s WNSP 105.5 during the station’s Morning Sports Center broadcast this morning.

A few snippets:

“When you look at [AJ McCarron] and the progression he made from the start of the season last season to the end and where he started spring football, where he ended spring football, he just continues to get better and better each day. I really believe he's got a lot of upside still left in him and some things technically he can work on. I think you'll see his game continue to elevate."

"I've never been fortunate enough to be around [an offensive line] like this. Really good group of guys. Extremely hard workers. They're big… physical. Very, very excited about what they bring to the table."

Nussmeier is also scheduled to speak at the DEX Imaging L’Arche Football Dinner tomorrow night in Mobile.

The interview with WNSP is immediately below.


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Unknown said...

I caught that yesterday. It's the only thing Lee and Mark have done on the morning show that has kept me from turning on NPR instead. Great interview.

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