Monday, April 2, 2012

Third Saturday in October tradition appears safe--for now.

Future SEC scheduling update | Georgia Bulldogs blog | Columbus Ledger Enquirer
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"I would say that the permanent games are probably as safe as anything that's on the table," Templeton said. "I think there is a strong commitment to keep the traditional games in this league. And to do that you have to keep the permanent opponents."

- So how do you do that within an eight-game format? Interestingly, Templeton said a nine-game schedule isn't officially off the table yet.

"It was on the table and is still technically on the table. There have been no votes to say this won't happen," Templeton said. "There are some institutions that have some interest (in nine SEC games). I don't have a feel that it's strong enough to place in there. But I've been in enough A.D.'s meetings where that pendelum changes from one to the other."

That's not to say anyone should take away that a nine-game schedule is likely. It just hasn't been ruled out yet. The main reservation among A.D.'s, beyond an unbalanced number of home and away games, is losing the flexibility to schedule the maximum amount of non-conference home games, or a marquee matchup like Georgia-Clemson.

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The SEC administrations really do face a dilemma. Eliminating the cross divisional rival games threatens the very fabric of the conference's tradition and seriously damages the SEC brand. But going to a nine game schedule to keep them--something that's clearly still being discussed--threatens other traditional rivalries that SEC schools have with members of the ACC and Big East. The addition of a ninth conference game has big money implications. But would the money be enough to trade the Florida - Florida State or South Carolina - Clemson game? 

To keep those, do you trade Alabama - Tennessee and Georgia - Auburn?

There are no easy answers.


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