Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The #SabanEffect needs its own hashtag

Handful of Alabama players poised for NFL Draft's later rounds, hoping 'Saban Effect' makes their wait shorter
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For DeQuan Menzie, the "hot seat" wasn't all that hot when he sat down with NFL coaches and executives throughout his whirlwind path to this week's NFL Draft.

During his numerous visits with NFL coaches and general managers, Menzie was as comfortable discussing the intricacies of various defensive packages as he was running through the typical litany of physical tests. The former Alabama defensive back didn't break a sweat while his potential future employers fired question after question in his direction.

What play works in this situation? Who goes where when that happens? When this happens, what adjustment do you make?

Menzie said he barely let his interviewers finish before delivering all the right answers.
Read the rest of this great piece from Andrew Gribble.

Two key takeaways from this report:
  1. NFL coaches remain convinced that Alabama players are among the best prepared in the country to play at football's highest level.
  2. NFL coaches and scouts believe that even mid- to late-round draftees represent good value because they don't need much "coaching up."
Pundits are split on whether Alabama sends four or five to league teams in tomorrow night's first round of the  NFL Draft. However, as many as 10 are expected to be drafted somewhere during the seven-round, three day selection process. Whether it's eight or nine players selected in the first round over the last two years, the #SabanEffect is just getting rolling.


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