Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Former Auburn lineman Nick Fairley arrested on marijuana charge

Former Auburn lineman Nick Fairley arrested on marijuana charge in Mobile | al.com
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Detroit Lions defensive lineman Nick Fairley was arrested this afternoon in Mobile on a 2nd-degree marijuana possession charge, according to records at Mobile County Metro Jail.
 Fairley, 24, was held at the jail on $1,000 bail. Mobile police spokeswoman Ashley Rains said that citizens in the Morningside Manor neighborhood of Mobile, a subdivision west of Navco Road, called police complaining about a car speeding through the neighborhood several times about noon.

Police spotted the vehicle, which was being driven by Fairley, about 12:30 p.m., and marijuana was found in the football player's possession, Rains said. No one else was arrested with Fairley, she said.
Read the original report here.

Two observations:

1. I live in Mobile. I was out running day-job errands this afternoon and saw some of the hullaballoo associated with this incident. Some of my clients have offices and facilities near the area noted in the report. There were a lot of officers involved, including some of Mobile Police Department's Jaguar Unit, an elite corps of officers that don't normally get involved with routine misdemeanor arrests.

2. The Morningside Manor neighborhood is very sketchy.  Arrests for drugs and prostitution are common.


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