Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dollars drive the Bobby Petrino decision

Dollars drive the Bobby Petrino decision | Arkansas Blog
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As University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long continued to deliberate over the weekend over his official reaction to football coach Bobby Petrino's personal transgressions, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette coincidentally reported on an issue at the heart of the matter.

Again: Petrino will stay as football coach. Money talks. It must once you've committed to major league athletics. Jessica Dorrell, the "student-athlete development coordinator" who was riding on the back of Petrino's Harley-Davidson Road King when it crashed? Interesting question. It wouldn't appear or be fair for Petrino to keep his job, worth up to $4 million a year, while the 25-year-old former UA soccer player lost her $55,000 gig. But her continued presence as a staff assistant would be uncomfortable for all concerned, particularly, it seems safe to guess, Mrs. Petrino.
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The decision to fire Petrino would be easy to defend. The decision to retain him would be much stickier. That's why the longer this story takes to reach its conclusion, the more likely it is that Long punishes Petrino severely but allows him to remain the Razorbacks' coach.


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