Friday, April 27, 2012

BamaOnline: Phillip Sims has decided to leave Alabama

image Clicken zie heir.

This news is not entirely unexpected. Sims and 2011 eventual starter AJ McCarron battled royally for the starting quarterback position throughout training camps, and the matter wasn’t settled until two games into the season.

With McCarron’s development it was clear to all that Sims would remain the backup, a situation that would have essentially wasted his enormous talent.

Update: DailyBamaBlog has a statement from Sims:

“This was a very difficult decision because I’ve had a great experience at the University of Alabama and I’m thankful for the opportunity this program provided me,” said Sims. “I want to thank Coach Saban and the coaching staff for being with me and my family at this time. I wouldn’t change anything about my decision to come to Alabama and this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The reason for me leaving is nothing more than a personal matter. I just need to be closer to home to support my family at this time and that needs to be my priority right now. I would still like to continue my football career, and hopefully I can do that and also be there for my family.”

I’m sure all Alabama fans will join IBCR in wishing him all the success he deserves, regardless of where he lands.

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