Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alabama to get new trophy in a few weeks (plus something we didn't know)

Alabama should have new crystal football for trophy in few weeks
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John Lisk, the principal at Champion Licensing which is in charge of the production of the AFCA national championship trophy given to the winner of the BCS title game, said the process should take only a few weeks.

Alabama will benefit from a surplus of the Waterford Crystal footballs that Champion Licensing has in stock.

A small amount are set aside for schools that won the coaches' national championship before the AFCA trophy was created in 1986. The winners going back to 1950 can request their own replicas.
The original story at USA Today.

Like most fans, we thought the replacement trophy would have to be painstakingly recreated--by hand--at a little shop in Ireland staffed entirely by Masonic Leprechauns. Little did we know that the little boogers made a bunch of them back in the day.


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