Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sources: Williams, NFL to talk bounties Monday

Sources: Williams, NFL to talk bounties Monday
Published on - NFL | shared via feedly

Former Saints and current Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been called to New York to meet with NFL security officials Jeff Miller and Joe Hummel on Monday for another round of dialogue pertaining to alleged violations of the league's bounty rules, according to sources.

It is likely NFL executive vice president and general counsel Jeff Pash will also be involved in the Monday discussions, a source said.

There is no set time for Williams and commissioner Roger Goodell to meet, though it is possible the two could talk while Williams is in New York, sources said.

The NFL on Friday said an investigation by its security department found that Williams and several Saints players employed an illegal bounty system, financially rewarding defensive players for big plays, including knocking opponents out of games during the 2009-11 seasons. After details of the NFL's probe were released, five former Redskins, including defensive end Phillip Daniels, and a former coach told The Washington Post that Williams had a similar system with Washington.
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Analysis: Gregg Williams is going to have to find another line of work.


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