Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Panama City Beach Breaks Bikini Parade World Record

Photo courtesy of Jim Loznicka.

Ahh, Spring Break on the Gulf Coast. It almost makes you not miss football season. To kick off the 2012 Spring Break season, Panama City Beach has set a Guiness World Record for the largest bikini parade. The location couldn’t be better—nestled on the northern Gulf Coast in Florida, Panama City Beach is known for sugar white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, warm temperatures at at this time of the year—lots of college students out on Spring Break.

This year, tourism officials planned an event sure to grab attention and they did not disappoint (pre-event story here).

The old record is for this event was 357. According to the event’s Facebook page, the record looked poised to fall and indeed it did, as 450 bikini clad young ladies completed the parade route. A Guinness judge was on hand to witness the event and validated the record.

What a tough job he had. 

The rules required participants to be female (thank GOD), and each must be wearing a bikini. No tankinis or onesies were allowed.

I can’t wait for Dennis Pillion (my Blogger Roundtable producer/editor) to return from the event, and I fully expect him to file a complete pictorial report.

More coverage here. And of course, an event like this held in the deep south isn’t without some controversy.

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Additional photos courtesy of PCB Spring Break and @StudentUniverse.


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