Friday, March 23, 2012

Jets Deal Stanton to Colts, likely cementing McElroy on roster

Jets trade Drew Stanton to Colts
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Drew Stanton lasted a whole week with the New York Jets. A week ago, the Jets signed Stanton to a free agent contract. Then they traded for Tim Tebow days later and declared Tebow their No. 2 quarterback, even though they had reportedly promised Stanton that he'd be Mark Sanchez's backup. That had Stanton wanting…

So, where does this leave former Alabama QB Greg McElroy? Most bets are that dealing Stanton away to the Colts after dealing in Tim Tebow cements GMAC's spot on the Jets roster.

Stanton is a poor man's Tim Tebow. He's athletic and intensely competitive, but struggles mightily as a passer. Who needs a Stanton when you can have a Tebow--a guy with the same technical issues who also puts butts in seats?

McElroy is a much more polished, game managing QB and a better fit as the program's No. 2/3. GMAC will make a push to become the No. 2 guy and with a year in the system already, he might even have a slight advantage.


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