Friday, March 23, 2012

Former Saint Darren Sharper doesn't sound apologetic

Former New Orleans Saint Darren Sharper was interviewed on WWL and (not surprisingly) didn't sound very apologetic about the bounty scandal that has brought the Saints program to its knees.

He sounds more disappointed by the fact that the program was caught than he does ashamed or remorseful, and doesn't even sound like he thinks he (or his teammates) did anything wrong.

Two interesting quotes from the segment:

Did players think the bounty plan might backfire?

 "No we didn't think about that at all, because no one was going out there and intentionally trying to put harm to our opponents and other players. We have a lot of respect for guys around the league, our peers. And no way were we thinking about, 'OK, if I can go out here and I try to get a sack early in the game and make a couple hundred dollars…' Nobody was even thinking about that while the game was being played. You had to think too much about what the opponent was doing, what your defensive game plan was. If you had any thoughts in your mind about making a couple extra hundred dollars when you're already getting paid thousands to play the game, you're stupid. So no guys weren't thinking about — especially in the meeting rooms — that we would have ramifications from this. We all looked at it as a fun thing which we brought camaraderie together and made us closer as a team."

Does the scandal taint the 2009 Super Bowl season?

"It puts a little bit of a black mark, I think, on the organization and what we accomplished throughout these last couple of years — the amount of winning that the Saints have been doing. I don't think it tarnishes the Super Bowl championship because we didn't do anything as far as, against rules playing the game. Now, what we did inside a meeting room might have been looked at as, OK we did something that the NFL did not like and which they warned the team about and informed us that we needed to stop. And now we're getting fined for that. But we played the game legally, we played the game hard, tough and the right way. And we beat teams, we were the best team in the world that year. So I don't think it tarnishes at all what we were able to accomplish that year as a team."
Listen to the whole segment here (about 8:00 long).


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