Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Document show schools that supported; opposed multi-year scholarships

Who Opposed Multiyear Athletics Aid? You Might Be Surprised
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Four out of the 10 wealthiest athletic departments–Texas, Tennessee, LSU, and Oklahoma–stood in opposition to a new policy allowing major-college programs to offer multiyear scholarships to athletes, according to an NCAA document obtained by The Chronicle.

The change, which was narrowly upheld last week, makes it possible for programs to provide more security to their scholarship athletes. Previously, athletic departments could only sign athletes to one-year renewable awards.

Much of the initial opposition to the measure, which was first approved by the NCAA Division I Board of Directors last October, came from colleges concerned with the cost of locking in players for multiple years (lest they get injured or not work into a new coach's offense, for example).
Visit The Chronicle here.

Click here for the complete vote count document.


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