Friday, February 3, 2012

What do you get the college football program that seems to have everything?

Alabama Team Report
How about the third straight top-rated recruiting class in the nation?
Such is life these days for the Crimson Tide, which can go wherever it wants and get whoever it wants, adding 26 players to further stock a talent-laden roster with the necessary depth to compete for more national championships.

While the necessary disclaimers about waiting a few years to adequately judge a new crop of recruits apply, one should also remember that this is a Nick Saban-coached program. That means four and five-star guys usually play to their rating while three-star guys often end up as fours and fives by the time they leave.
“How adolescents are going to respond two or three years out, no one can really predict that,” Saban said. “They are excited about the opportunity to play at Alabama. I think we filled some needs with this class.”

Read the Inside Slant here.


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