Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Derek Dooley doesn't like SEC's oversigning rule, either

Derek Dooley blasts SEC's new over-signing rules | AJC College Sports Recruiting
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Derek Dooley does not like the SEC’s new “roster management” rules to address over-signing, and the Tennessee coach is not afraid to let everybody know it. Over-signing is when a school signs too many players than they have scholarships available.
Dooley, the son of UGA coaching legend Vince Dooley, spoke out strongly against the new rules this week to the AJC after wrapping up Tennessee’s 2012 class of 20 signees, which included five players from Georgia. Over-signing and related issues are one of recruiting’s hottest topics after Alabama coach Nick Saban told a couple of longtime commitments at the last minute that they couldn’t sign with the Crimson Tide this year. One of those was North Atlanta RB Justin Taylor, who was committed to Alabama for around a year and had plenty to say about the Crimson Tide’s tactics after he signed with Kentucky

Dooley basically blasted anything and everything associated with the SEC’s new rules, repeatedly emphasizing “the good things about over-signing.” He supported his argument with examples, told us what Nick Saban really thinks, and explained the connection to the SEC school presidents. Dooley also pointed out that that the SEC’s coaches (himself included) did a “poor job” of communicating the positives of over-signing, and he freely admitted he didn’t have all the answers. Even if you agree or totally disagree with Dooley’s comments on over-signing, you have to give him credit for going public with his strong opinions on such a sensitive issue, unlike many of his politically-correct peers.
Read the rest from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution here (if you must).  And raise your hand if you think Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier or Bobby Petrino are "politically correct."


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