Thursday, February 2, 2012

Courtney Upshaw blogs about Senior Bowl week on

Yes, that Courtney Upshaw--the former Alabama Crimson Tide star who terrorized SEC offenses with his high energy pass rush.

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For me, skipping the Senior Bowl wasn't even an option. Some people were telling me that I was already a projected first-rounder and didn't have anything to gain, but I didn't see it like that. I wanted to get back out on the field; I wanted to play one last game with four of my Alabama teammates; I wanted to further prove myself to NFL scouts.

Thankfully, I think I did pretty well. Though I was an outside linebacker in 'Bama's 3-4, the Redskins' coaching staff -- which was in charge of the South team -- lined me up at defensive end. The position was actually pretty similar to what I played in college, and I felt comfortable lining up there.

I played pretty well in practice and I had some success with my bull rush in one-on-one drills against offensive tackles. I do wish that I would've showcased my other pass-rushing moves more though.


I'm in Arizona now, enjoying a little bit of time off before I start training for the Combine. I needed a bit of a break -- I started prepping for the Senior Bowl immediately after we beat LSU in the BCS National Championship and haven't really had any time away from football since last summer.


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