Sunday, February 19, 2012

Conference commissioners meeting to decide BCS fate

Tulane president feels changes in BCS format are coming
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Those clamoring and threatening litigation in order to force the BCS to grant even greater access to schools that have never had skin in the game could get what they've been asking for--an end to a BCS system that entitles anyone to anything.
[Tulane President] Scott Cowen, on a committee of university presidents and chancellors overseeing the system, favors a four-team playoff apart from bowls.

Moreover, Tulane's Cowen lends weight to one of the more dramatic alternatives — staging a four-team playoff apart from the bowls.

Big Ten officials acknowledged two weeks ago that they're discussing such a plan, a notable shift from the conference's longtime anti-playoff stance. Cowen's assent might be only slightly less significant, coming from a school and middle-echelon league that could stand to lose some of the access it has gained to the postseason's biggest stages.

If the top-tier Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Rose bowls are jettisoned from the BCS, they figure to align individually with the sport's five or six marquee conferences and would be free to draw nearly all of their participating teams from those leagues. No longer would the likes of the merging Mountain West and Conference USA, to which Tulane belongs, be assured a berth if one of their teams met ranking thresholds.
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