Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bama players at the Combine talk the “Crimson Grind”

By: @LivingCrimson

(AP Photo/Dave Martin)Nick Saban expects his players to not just win, but win with intensity. This year the fierceness cranked up another notch with a friendly competition among the defensive squad. Individual game performance was tracked by the position coaches, with points awarded for sacks, big hits, tackles for loss, interceptions, fumbles forced and recovered, and other measurables. Points were taken away for missed tackles and mental errors.

Of course the big man himself, Zeus Hightower, won the battle of the brutes.

Courtney Upshaw was just happy to finish near the top with Dont’a. He described the ultra competitiveness of Hightower as the foundation for a successful pro career: “[W]hoever gets him is going to be proud to get him. He makes plays. He was the leader of our defense. I’m sure he can go in and lead a team in the NFL.”

"We all compete, and that's another reason why we came to Alabama and the SEC — to compete against some of the best athletes in the country," Hightower said.

Pro Football Weekly compiled a video with Courtney Upshaw, Dont’a Hightower, DeQuan Menzie and Dre Kirkpatrick describing just another facet in The Process of winning.

The Alabama Crimson Tide defense made a living by punishing opposing offenses en route to a National Championship, but it was their competition against each other that may have propelled them there.

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