Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship hits the big time (VIDEO)

Alabama freshman Jack Blankenship—whose face has become an internet sensation—appeared this morning on NBC’s Today Show. Blankenship gained fame by holding up an oversized cutout of his own frowning face at an Alabama men’s basketball game. The imagery has swept Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and message boards around the country.

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Blankenship explains that his schtick began when the Alabama athletics department started asking fans to decide which celebrity faces to use in large cutouts to distract opposing teams during basketball games. Blankenship’s trademark frown is a facial expression he and some friends had begun as “an inside joke.” He decided to use his own mug rather than that of say, Charlie Sheen or Les Miles.

The rest, as they say, is internet history. And now, Today Show history.

Roll Tide, Jack.


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