Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Little Lies: Baton Rouge independent paper crucifies Les Miles

image Dig, an independent publication in Baton Rouge, LA, absolutely crucifies LSU football coach Les Miles in an article entitled, “Sweet Little Lies.” 

It is must read.

Miles is excoriated for what the paper regards as deception in handling the quarterback controversy surrounding the BCS Championship game and the 21-0 loss to Alabama.

Dig covers the quarterback controversy, the Hebert rant, the conspiracy theories cropping up in the weeks after the game, the whole Jambalaya, y’all.

Here are a few appetizing snippets from the somewhat long piece:

Imagine a man walks up to you on the street and says, “I’m a pathological liar.”

What can you make of such a statement? If the man is a liar, why is he being honest about his lies? If he’s not a pathological liar, why is he dishonestly saying he is?

In the hypothetical above it stands to reason that this man would be difficult to trust, whichever case is true.

Now, imagine a football coach is hired at a major university, and his first words to the public are: “The only thing that I can tell you is that I am relatively honest and somewhat deceptive.

For [Bobby] Hebert, playing [Jarrett] Lee in the game wasn’t a matter of reward, or even redemption. It was just common sense. To get technical, Alabama was playing Zone Two behind heavy pressure, sealing the edges where Jefferson thrives but leaving gaps in the secondary for an accurate, quick-thinking quarterback like Lee to exploit. More simply, forgetting prejudice or redemption or anything else media members invented to sell papers: for the sake of the offense, it was time to put the ball back in Lee’s hands.

LSU fans, meanwhile, weren’t buying Miles’ pass-rush excuse. Callers flooded radio talk shows with complaints, which eventually berthed conspiracy theories about why Lee didn’t play. At first, these ranged from the academic (Lee was being punished for bad grades) to the pandemic (Lee was sick), but as time wore on, the theories became more twisted, even sinister.

If you haven’t already, go get a fresh cup of whatever you’re enjoying, click here and Dig in.

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CaseyMc2 said...

You can come over here and post this crap but you knock us off if we knock this crap you post off. You come over here and post this crap just before a season starts. Remember what goes around comes around and it will cost you. What that cost will be nobody knows but, it will cost you. This is history, it is over, a new year begins and you people in Bama are scared of coming into Death Valley because you do not know what you will be facing. The Stadium will live up to it's name. Like I have heard spoken in Bama before last year, there will be blood spilled and it will not be from a Tiger and Death Valley will be on the Tides tombstone. "This Elephant died at the hands of a mean ferocious Tiger, that was poked and porded one to many times." Remember this come Nov 3rd, 2012 a Night Game in Death Valley.

This is not an anonymous Post it is from: CaseyMc2.

David L. said...

Casey, this post is six months old. Get over it already.

CaseyMc2 said...

I posted this after it was posted this morning in Baton Rouge. I know it was posted originally posted back not long after the Game had played, I have a copy of it on my harddrive. I created this post in response to whoever posted it this morning. I do not think you would post something like this on the verge of a new season or at least I do not think you would. No harm, no foul.

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