Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saints, LSU homer Bobby Hebert opens a can on Les Miles

Bobby Hebert—the former LSU and New Orleans player—gumps up the airwaves during the Saints radio broadcasts. When it comes to blatant homerism, Hebert simply has no rival. His heart pumps purple and gold on Saturdays; then magically transforms to black and gold on Sundays.

His son T-Bob was a starting offensive lineman on the team that the Alabama defense butchered last night en route to a 21-0 shut out and BCS Championship, so he was understandably upset over the loss.  Here he is in Miles’ post-game press conference, echoing the sentiments of about 98% of the LSU faithful on playcalling and quarterback play.

In Miles’ defense, it really didn’t matter who LSU had under center or in the shotgun last night. The LSU offensive line simply had no answer for the Alabama front seven. Jefferson is a much more athletic player than Lee, and he ended up on the ground all night. Lee probably would have gotten Colt McCoyed, and Miles knew it.

Helmet tap to SBNation for the video embed.

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