Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lopresti: Some help for haters of the Southeastern Conference

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Fun column by USA Today writer Mike Lopresti: 

By now, many of you from outside the college football holy land know the symptoms; a mild headache, slight nausea and the sudden urge to hurl your remote control at the flat screen whenever the gushing starts about how the Southeastern Conference is the most important thing to hit the game since the facemask.

Another common side effect is the urge to scream, "What was the Ole Miss record!!!?"

This year's strain is particularly virulent with LSU and Alabama renewing vows in the Bowl Championship Series title game, thereby assuring the league its sixth consecutive national champion. The stage hogs.
Read the full column here.

With all the BCS anarchists, rematch haters and playoff zealots running around wailing and gnashing their teeth at the SEC vs SEC National Championship, it's refreshing to see a columnist from a major daily poke some fun.

Never take yourself so seriously that you can't look in the mirror and laugh at the mug looking back at you.


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