Friday, January 6, 2012

Les Miles says he’ll keep recruiting Landon Collins, and tiptoes around potential secondary NCAA violation

By: @LivingCrimson
Chalk up another tradition in the Les Miles repertoire. Along with grass chomping, slow clapping, gameclock hoodoo-ing and general nuttiness, Les likes to tweak the NCAA’s nose.

He certainly likes to stick with a routine for Alabama vs. LSU matchups. In the days leading up to the first game on November 5th, Les promptly waded into the murky waters of potential secondary NCAA violations by talking about high school recruits being pursued by LSU.

Chaos must be his good luck charm. 

More potential violations today as Les talks about continuing his recruitment of Landon Collins, a Tide commit. At 1:10 mark.

But nobody takes the big, lovable goofball seriously, right? Right?

H/T to @WoollyAl for the video.

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