Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stanford AD forecasts “Plus One” model, says it’s inevitable

Via National Football Post’s Dave Miller:

College football fans clamoring for Oklahoma State to get a shot at unbeaten LSU won't get their wish this season, but those hoping for change in the current system are likely to be happy in time.

Stanford's Bob Bowlsby, who was on a panel of athletic directors at the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum on Wednesday, said the plus-one model in college football is "inevitable." Essentially, an additional game would be added to the college football postseason, as a four-team format would be put in place to match up the top four squads in the nation.

There remains general opposition within university administrations for a large-scale playoff in FBS.

image As I wrote here last month, if you think the FBS presidents and chancellors are interested in creating the playoff zealots’ nirvana of a multi-round college championship tournament, you haven’t been paying attention. The CEO’s of the major universities want absolutely no part of an NCAA-run football playoff that provides automatic berths to Conference USA, Western Athletic Conference and the other current non-AQ leagues. And the BCS appears to be in no mood to continue having one (or more) of the big bowls hosting awful matchups like Oklahoma vs. UConn or Georgia vs. Hawai’i.

A Plus One model—by far the simplest playoff solution and the easiest one to implement—was floated by the SEC’s Mike Slive in 2008. It received the support of exactly one other BCS AQ conference—the ACC. Every other conference—including Oklahoma State’s Big 12—opposed it.

Exit Question: Isn’t it both funny and ironic to see conference commissioners and other BCS AQ schools warming to the idea of a modification in the BCS process, after the two teams selected to play in the BCS Championship game are from the conference who tried to save us all from the rematch-ageddon.

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