Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Auburn Defensive Coordinator Ted Roof FIRED

Numerous media outlets—primarily Auburn fan sites—are reporting that Auburn defensive coordinator has agreed to take over the same duties at the University of Central Florida. There has not (yet) been a statement from head coach Gene Chizik.

While today’s news is carefully crafted to make it look like Roof is merely moving onto another opportunity, let’s be honest. You don’t leave a top assistant’s job at an SEC program that isn’t even one year removed from a BCS Championship and go to a place like Central Florida. While UCF is a nice, up-and-coming program, it’s still a directional school that has only been playing Division I (FBS) football for 15 years. UCF has been a member of Conference USA, but will likely join the Big East in 2013. No one with ambition makes a move like this.

Auburn fans have to be happy, though. Under Roof, the program has posted its worst defensive performance over any three year stretch in the modern history of the program, and the Tigers were blown out this season more times and by wider margins than any time in recent memory.


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