Friday, December 30, 2011

The looming SEC East threat in... Nashville

Changing the culture of Vanderbilt

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Leaving Maryland for Vanderbilt last December was not easy for Franklin because he had built close relationships with many parents and players, some of whom committed to Maryland primarily to play for him.

“What was hard for me is, I don’t think people realize when I left where the program was. And then when I came back it was in two completely different places. I worked so hard to help to turn that program back around. When you recruit the way I recruit and you sell kids to come to be a part of what you are trying to build, and it was obviously magnified especially the last year the last year and a half, not only was I selling a kid to be a part of Maryland but I was selling them to be a part of my future as well.

“It’s hard knowing what I was saying and doing in those homes and those kids come and I have to walk away. I felt I let them down. I feel like I let them down in a lot of ways because I know those parents and those kids and not only did they commit to Maryland, but they committed to me. So that’s hard. That was really, really hard.

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James Franklin: 'We're Running Out Of Scholarships'

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Vanderbilt is close to signing its most highly-rated recruiting class in school history.

The Commodores' 2012 class of 20 commitments is ranked 21st nationally by Vanderbilt has landed such highly-touted prospects as defensive end Josh Dawson, running back Brian Kimbrow and wide receiver Andre McDonald.

And there could be more top prospects on the way.

Commodores coach James Franklin told 104.5 The Zone in Nashville on Thursday that he expects Vanderbilt to close well on National Signing Day on Feb. 1

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From winning on the recruiting trail, to winning on the field and getting players to buy into his philosophy, Vandy's Franklin is a coach that is probably going to make some noise in the SEC East next season. To those who counter with the retort, "but it's still Vanderbilt," it's a more confident, more talented and better coached Vanderbilt than at almost any time in the program's history. This comes at the same time that Tennessee and Florida are struggling to regain their identities as traditional SEC East powerhouses. From doormat to third in the SEC East? It could happen and it would be a milestone for the program. Another building block.


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