Friday, December 23, 2011

Craig James' attorney seeks depositions from book publishers

Published on Lubbock Online Local News | shared via feedly

An attorney for former ESPN college football analyst Craig James has filed legal documents in Collin County District Court, asking a judge to allow him to take depositions from representatives of the publishers of former Tech football coach Mike Leach's book "Swing Your Sword" and Michael Lee Lanning's book "Double T — Double Cross."

Mike O’Brien, a Washington, Texas-based attorney, wants the depositions from Scottsdale Book Publishing LLC, which published Lanning’s book, and Diversion Publishing Corp. LLC, the eBook publishing company of Leach’s book to investigate a potential claim against them. The petition was filed Dec. 12 in the 199th District Court of Collin County.

“The best way for me to explain why this is filed, is to tell you it’s the first step in being able to get the truth out about what happened,” O’Brien said. “Craig (James) has been silent waiting for (his son Adam James) to finish his senior year, and Leach has been on a media blitz with two books. For us, it’s time for the truth to come out.”
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Neither Leach nor Swing Your Sword co-author .Bruce Feldman are involved in the complaint or the motion filed earlier this month. But Leach's lawyer said he wasn't surprised and believes James is pulling a campaign stunt.. 
“I believe that citizens of Texas know the real Craig James, and the truth will put this matter to rest,” said Leach attorney Ted Liggett.

This is Texas, y'all. This is a red state, but it's a football state, too. Don't think for one minute that the good folks of the Lone Star State don't know exactly who this knucklehead is and what took place at Texas Tech.


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