Wednesday, December 28, 2011

College coaches and power: How much is too much?

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Alabama is where Joe Namath is said to have used the school president's parking spot as his own, where it's less a joke than honest truth that the governor toils in the shadow of the flagship university's football coach.

Current University of Alabama President Robert Witt tore at that football-foremost notion almost as soon as he took the job nearly nine years ago, ousting misbehaving Mike Price before the newly named coach ever worked a game. As engineering professor Clark Midkiff remembers, "It was rumored that a member of the board of trustees did not want him to fire Coach Price, and Bob Witt said, 'It's either me or him.'

"Were that to be a situation between him and Nick Saban, who would win?" Midkiff says of the man who has coached today's Crimson Tide within reach of a second national championship in three years.


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