Sunday, December 18, 2011

Auburn fans react on Twitter to TJ Yeldon’s decision (NSFW)

Following the news that five-star Daphne, AL running back had switched his commitment from Auburn to Alabama, Auburn fans took to Twitter to let the 18-year old know that they weren’t happy with his decision.

Why people think it’s cool or helpful to cuss and berate a teenager because of where he decides to go to school is beyond me.

Some of these contain salty language. Don’t open at work, in polite company, or in the presence of impressionable children who might one day grow up to be a big time college football prospect.

@itshodgey I hope @T_Yeldon fails miserably.

@autigers1970 @T_Yeldon And it's not the switch that gets me. That happens. It's the lying. You're old enough to act like a man, not a child.

@autigers1970 @T_Yeldon What really shows the coward in you is that you waited until the dead period. Couldn't man up and hear Auburn out. Wow.

@jeremywwalker @T_Yeldon what a punk! You should be ashamed of your lies.

@scottiep94 @T_Yeldon says “Alabama is best situation." Seems like he could've said that a week or two ago instead of lying about being solid to AU.

@Pstreet0 @T_Yeldon fuck you

@bkcounts @T_Yeldon Hope you talked to Corey Grant and everyone else that the turds lied to and "processed" before you made your mistake..good luck

@AUTIGER6 @T_Yeldon ha so you do this before the dead period.. guess saban taught you that class.

@maddog_21 @T_Yeldon what a dirty way to do the school who you gave a commitment to! Wait till the dead period! Coward

@Darrius3000 @T_Yeldon damn Nigga you couldn't have went to Oklahoma or Ohio st or some shit like that

@Hunter_McGraw @T_Yeldon Bitch

@CRMR11 @mallon74 @t_yeldon yay for him he'll be playing behind lacy. Haha idiot

@joshanders1 @T_Yeldon its ok you only would have been the 3rd or 4th best back on auburn. I Can't wait to see you warm that bama bench. #wde

@WarEagleAU7 @T_Yeldon Lost all respect for you today. Should've been a man long before. #wareagle #auburnfamilyyourenot

@KevinFraser2 @T_Yeldon, you are a traitor and I can't wait to see you regret your decision!

@ChapmanTanner1 Would never wish this on anyone but TJ Yeldon, I hope you tear every ligament in your knee. [ed note: later retracted and apologized for here. But you can’t unring a bell]

@GrayLane Unbelievable Yeldon, go to hell along with the rest of Daphne-- enjoy that illegal 200k.

@scott_hays $$$$$$$$$ @JHokanson: Yeldon said in a statement he'd been thinking things over "..last few weeks". He said he was "firm" to Auburn on 12/7

@jivey12 @T_Yeldon you suck and I heard you were gay. And you liked boys and that you were gay. #RowTyde #hillbilly

@BJHunterAlpha Fuk T.J. Yeldon for dat ish switching to alabama

@Good2Great2010 @T_Yeldon Coward, man up and call the coaches yourself. Must not have a sack so I wouldnt want you in the AU backfield anyway. Money talks!

@MgOgletree777 Tj Yeldon???? Thanks Calloway and Koundajio for inspiring others to fuck Auburn over #rolltidetothat

@JDAWarEagle Screw you Yeldon, hope your career at Bama sucks.

@RobDonaldson1 @T_Yeldon how does it feel to lie to your whole family, friends, and community?

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Ithinkitsfunny said...

Those barners sure are pissed.

Dixie Mafia said...

Don't be mad barners TJ saw a sinking ship and he did the smart thing...RTR

Dixie Mafia said...

Using Trooper Taylor and Christian in the same sentence is like using Aubarn fan and Class in the same sentence....RTR

Anonymous said...

Run TJ Run!!!

Anonymous said...

Money talks? Have you forgotten about scam newton?

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