Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kentucky fan site reveals access to NCAA documents

image A user at Cat’s Illustrated—the Kentucky Wildcats’ fan site—discovered a link to the one of the NCAA’s Microsoft Sharepoint servers. You can visit that server (at least for now) by clicking here and browsing all sorts of information.

There are some interesting documents, including audited financial statements going back several years, President Mark Emmert’s resume’ and several hundred other miscellaneous files. A quick perusal of the documents don’t show anything sensitive or damaging, but having college athletics’ largest governing organization allowing public (even read only) access to its Sharepoint library is interesting, to say the least.

Via his Twitter account, NCAA Managing Director of Digital Communications Ronnie Ramos rather testily objected to suggestions that the NCAA financial records weren’t previously public knowledge. Indeed, the audited financials have been available for each of the years shown on the server.

It’s access to all the other stuff—like meeting agendas, meeting minutes, spreadsheets and such—seems highly irregular and just begging for a Wikileaks panty raid.

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