Saturday, November 19, 2011

VIDEO: Lee Corso drops an “F-Bomb” on ESPN Gameday (updated with statement from Corso)

At the close of ESPN’s Gameday broadcast from Houston, Lee Corso makes the last pick of the day.

And proceeds to have a “vocabulary malfunction” by dropping an F-Bomb as he makes his pick.

Look at Kirk Herbstreit’s face as he realizes what Corso said (warning: Expletive not deleted):

Corso later issued a statement, offering his apologies:

“Earlier today on College Gameday, while picking the SMU Houston game, I got a bit excited and used an expletive that I shouldn't have used. I apologize and can promise it won't happen again.”

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Gary Ray said...

Fire him! He's an embarrassment anyway. If you don't need Hank Williams, Jr., you DARNED sure don't need Lee Corso!

Lucid Idiocy said...

Looks like this same video is featured on yahoo right now.

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