Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sources: Both Coach Houston Nutt and Athletic Director Pete Boone are OUT at Ole Miss

APTOPIX Mississippi Auburn Football This is a developing story. Red Cup Rebellion—an Ole Miss blog at SBNation—reported Sunday that Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt has been fired and may be asked to step aside as early as Monday.

Following Saturday’s second half 30-13 collapse against Kentucky, Ole Miss is winless in the SEC and is guaranteed its second straight losing season.

From RCR:

The coaches and athletics administration will meet today to discuss whether or not Houston Nutt will coach the remainder of the season and who his interim replacement would be if he is not to stay. The situation that I am hearing is likely to happen is that Nutt is ousted and Gunter Brewer is to serve as his interim but, given that this is Ole Miss, I wouldn't be stunned to see that not take place in favor of Nutt finishing this season.

This brings us to the much more exciting question of who exactly will coach Ole Miss next season. Rebel boosters have been in touch with a handful of intriguing prospective head coaches over the past several weeks, including Alabama's Kirby Smart, Oklahoma's Brent Venables, Auburn's Gus Malzhan, and Houston's Kevin Sumlin. I haven't a clue as to which direction we are looking to go with this next hire, but if that's the short list they're choosing from then I can't be too worried.

Nutt started the season atop the list of SEC Coaches on the Hotseat and the 2-7 record of the 2011 season has only amped up the temperature. As RCR points out, this move—if accurate—should come as no shock to anyone.

Obviously, Ole Miss’ problems go way beyond the Coach. Athletics Director Pete Boone also finds himself under withering criticism over micro-managing the programs he oversees and downright rude treatment of seven-figure donors.

UPDATE: Confirmed. Though the site is experiencing heavy traffic and may not load until later today, the report is that Nutt will coach the remaining games left in the 2011 season and depart.

UPDATE II: is now reporting that Boone will step down from his AD post. The school has scheduled a 2:00 PM CST news conference in Oxford, MS.

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The Lost Southerner said...

My source said this morning he will ride the season out and get his check. AD will probably be replaced too... early thoughts are Sumlin of Houston and Smart of Alabama. Nutt could only win with Orgeron's players...

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