Friday, November 18, 2011

NCAA opens investigation into Penn State, inquiries to address “institutional control.”

The most dreaded phrase in NCAA Enforcement lexicon: “lack of institutional control.”

Today, NCAA President Mark Emmert took the unprecedented step of personally authoring a letter to Penn State interim President Rodney Erickson, initiating an investigation by the league into the school’s handling of the ever deepening, ever widening Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal.

Click here for the three page letter.

The scandal has claimed the jobs of the university president, a vice president, the athletics director and once iconic coach Joe Paterno.

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cbamaoe said...

Where's the initial letter like this that was sent to Auburn University?

David L. said...

Today's letter is unprecedented in the modern era of NCAA "investigations."

The President never sends these letters. They always from a VP.

Secondly, the NCAA never publicizes the existence of such a letter, leaving it up to the school to decide whether to do so.

There is no comparison to the Auburn case, because nothing anyone could ever have imagined there even comes close to what's been alleged at Penn State.

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