Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Spurrier “takes exception,” refuses presser with Ron Morris present

Love him, hate him or just don’t care one way or the other, you’re always gonna know where you stand with Steve Spurrier. Prior to a scheduled weekly press conference with the South Carolina Gamecock beat reporters, the ol’ ball coach launched into this two-minute tirade over the presence of State columnist Ron Morris:

Spurrier says the issue was about a Morris column accusing him of poaching a football player "away from the basketball program." That's only part of the issues between the two. Morris is a provocative writer who enjoys tweaking the South Carolina and Clemson fan bases in much the same way that Alabama writer and talk radio host Paul Finebaum stirs the Iron Bowl hornets nest. Morris has accused Spurrier of "running up the score" on him during a fitness challenge.

In addition to the column noted by Spurrier, Morris also accused the coach of being too hard on Quarterback Stephen Garcia. It’s this body of work that Spurrier objects to. While this isn’t exactly one of Spurrier’s classier moments (as few and far between as they are), it shows that there’s fairly long-running love-hate relationship between the two.

UPDATE: Maybe this is why Spurrier was was so edgy today. Stephen Garcia has been dismissed from the team.

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