Monday, October 24, 2011

Houston Nutt has sealed his fate (Video)

Watch as Ole Miss Head Coach Houston Nutt goes off on’s Neal McCready and attempts to explain away the loss to Arkansas last Saturday.

Video courtesy of Rebel Grove.

Then read McCready’s column, wherein the former Mobile Press-Register beat writer and columnist takes Nutt to task for singling him out.

Nutt started the season on the hottest seat in the conference, rivaled only by Georgia’s Mark Richt in the imminence of the meltdown. Granted, Ole Miss’ problems go way beyond the head football coach, but Nutt is the face of the program.

This was the Rebels’ best game of the year. They led Arkansas 17-0 and were playing keep-away from the Razorbacks. If they’re able to play like that against Auburn, Kentucky and Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl, they might have a chance to stop the 12-game conference losing streak and stanch the flow of blood.

But when you are quoted as saying that you don’t believe your team has a chance of winning a conference game this season (*) and then have a highly public handbags-at-five-paces hissy fit with the columnist who is supposed to be one of your biggest cheerleaders, your fate as a head coach in this league has been sealed.

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* Did he really say that? The SDS site is the only source for that quote. Drop me a comment or a note if you can confirm or know otherwise.



UAAlum94 said...

McCready is a douchebag and I'm glad HDN called him out. I still laugh at Neal for saying Saban would never come to Alabama. What a moron he is.

Dog River Crab said...

I have to agree with UAAlum94. Followed McCready for several years both in the paper and on the radio and found him to be arrogant and not that knowledgeable about what's going on around a program. Seemed more intent on stirring up readers/listeners.

I'm not that big a Nutt fan, but see him in an unenviable position at Ole Miss.

Milton Waddams said...

Nutt is where he is as a result of his complete inability as a coach. Whether or not Neal is an arrogant douche is irrelevant. Houston Nutt needs to focus on what really matters here. WIN FOOTBALL GAMES!

Notice, you never hear Nutt talk about talent or how this guy has so much ability or knowledge. Why? Because Nutt himself is a moron. As has been said before, Houston Nutt is a rah-rah coach. He can get his team up to score 17 on the #9 team in the country but after that he doesn't have a clue as to what to do.

Nutt deserves the criticism and this latest melt-down should serve as a message to future Ole Miss prospects. Go elsewhere. The coach is an incompetent fool that will destroy your NFL prospects unless you have the ability to perform beyond his ignorance.

jehlo said...

Erm, since the segment in which the quote is listed is titled "What They Meant to Say", it would be my guess that Houston didn't actually say it. Perhaps if you had actually read the article you wouldn't appear so clueless.

jehlo said...

Apparently, your Dumbass Detector is broken, because it keeps allowing you to blog.

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