Friday, October 21, 2011

Brent Calloway arrested for having REAL bud, but at least he wasn’t doing 118!

image While I was preparing for and then getting stuck in a 2-1/2 hour teleconference, news broke that Alabama Freshman Running Back Brent Calloway was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Calloway was a passenger in a car stopped for operating without headlights, according to news reports from Tuscaloosa News’ Stephanie Taylor.

Bama fan @CalebHawk gets credit for this:

#1 team in America smokes fake pot, and the #2 team in America smokes the real stuff. On November 5th we'll see which is better. #Priorities

And @CrownoftheValley gets the helmet tap for this:

At least he wasn't driving 118 mph!

Via, "Coach Saban is aware of the situation and like all other disciplinary action, this will be handled internally.”

Earlier this week, news broke that three LSU football players had been suspended for at least one game following a reported failed drug test. The substance in question in Baton Rouge was a synthetic herb. Calloway don’t do no fake weed.

I frankly wouldn’t want to be in either Les Miles’ or Nick Saban’s doghouse. But if I was, I’d want it to be the real thing, yo.

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TonyOrlando said...

I have a feeling a young man is about to become much more in tune with The Process.

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