Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bama, Richardson make a statement (VIDEO)

Alabama’s Nick Saban is not one to run up the score, especially not on a team coached by someone he holds in high regard. Question his judgment if you dare, but the Tide’s head dude has a great deal of respect for Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt. There is even scuttlebutt that when Saban left LSU for the Miami Dolphins after the 2004 season, he recommended Nutt as one of the people he’d like to see replace him.

But the 52-7 beatdown administered by Alabama last night was a statement to the nation—we are Bama. We are to be feared. You don’t want to play us. We’re gonna make your ass quit.

Junior Tailback Trent Richardson also made a statement last night. You can try to stop me, but you won’t. You can try to tackle me and I will either run over you or make you look stupid. He had a career high 183 yards and another career high four touchdowns. On his 76-yard “one for the ages” scamper for six, he broke two tackles and then came across Ole Miss’ Senquez Golson.  Golson appeared to have Richardson dead to rights at the corner and looked like he the angle on No. 4.

Just watch.

That’s the kind of skill we thought was retired when Michael Jordan finally hunk up the sneakers.

In a Blogger Roundtable Q&A last month, I wrote that Richardson deserves to be a part of any serious Heisman Trophy discussion. I also wrote that if Alabama continues to win and Richardson continues to be a part of why, his Heisman stock will rise.

How do you like him now?

And how do you like an Alabama team that has yet to put together a complete, 60-minute football game but still leads the galaxy in defensive statistics and ground-game punishment? To beat Alabama, you have to mount multiple, sustained scoring drives and stop its running game. No one has even come close to doing that yet, and there may not be a team in the country that can do it.

Not only that plays on Saturdays, anyway.

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