Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two new features at IBCR – Big Al approves

image Two new features have been added to IBleedCrimsonRed.com. The first is a permanent parking place for the popular SEC Coaching Hotseat blog posts, which generated a LOT of buzz ever time an update was posted. It’s now on a standalone page and you can quickly see the latest status for all 12 SEC Football coaches by clicking the link in the menu bar above.

The other addition is something I debated quite a while before deciding to give it a chance—the SEC Football Rumor Mill. IBCR is not a gossip blog. The authors’ main blog posts will always contain factual information that the readers can follow up on. GMAN, LivingCrimson, NailPhyl and Fish have done an outstanding job of providing good blog content (and they’ve had fun doing it).

Credibility is the coin of the realm in the blogosphere. Rumors typically turn out to be unfounded but sometimes lead to credible information being developed. They’re also highly entertaining and, this being a blog about sports, politics, current events (and snark, fark and satire), we’re not about to be a stuffed shirt. Besides… a tip may lead to a rumor and a rumor may lead to a source and a source may lead to a story that no one else is doing. Credibility may be the coin of the blogosphere realm, but fun is its daily bread and if you aren’t having fun then it’s your own damned fault.

Enjoy the new features and don’t feel shy about comments or suggestions.

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