Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Texas A&M vs SEC schools, all time records

image_thumb2 With the recently reheated talk of Texas A&M in “conversations” with certain people about the possibility of joining the Southeastern Conference, I checked out the brand new website to see how the school has fared all time against current SEC schools.

Against some, they’ve fared well. Against others, not so much. They’ve never met either South Carolina or Vanderbilt since 1894. They’ve never lost to Auburn but have never beaten Tennessee.

They have a 42.3% winning percentage against all current SEC opponents. From a competitive standpoint, it doesn’t look like Texas A&M brings much of a winning tradition to the conference. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not using this as an argument against welcoming the Aggies into the conference. I just thought I’d have a look at their record against our programs and it’s worth noting that they have a winning record against only three of the 12 schools—Auburn, Georgia and Ole Miss.

As a boy, I often listened to WWL’s broadcasts of the annual showdown between LSU and Texas A&M at night. Those were some great games.

SEC School

Texas A&M All Time Record

Alabama 1-3-0
Auburn 2-0-0
Arkansas 24-40-3
Florida 1-1-0
Georgia 3-2-0
Kentucky 1-1-0
LSU 20-27-3
Mississippi State 2-3-0
Ole Miss 4-0-0
South Carolina 0-0-0
Tennessee 0-2-0
Vanderbilt 0-0-0
TOTAL 58-79-6

If you haven’t visited, I strongly recommend it. It’s operated by’s @BearlyDoug and it is growing into a fantastically useful resource for stat and history geeks (like me). The @GridIronHistory Twitter account is also currently posting random team history tweets using data archived at the site. Great resource.

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