Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It’s an SEC World

Rise of the Champs3SEC Media Days can only mean that football is near. And there’s no better place for football than the South.

The SEC is not only the reigning champion of college football, it also leads all conferences in game attendance for the past thirteen years. 2010 shows the football fanbase is as passionate as ever. One of the only recession proof things in the U.S. is SEC football.

"The attendance at our games is just an example of how passionate our fans are in supporting our teams and their schools," said Charles Bloom, associate commissioner of the SEC. "Even with all of our games on TV, our fans come out to the games in record numbers. And that says something about the passion and the support of the fans."

Nine SEC schools finished in the top 30 of Division I attendance led by Alabama (4), Tennessee (6), Georgia (7), LSU (8), Florida (9), Auburn (10), South Carolina (18), Arkansas (22) and Kentucky (25).

There’s a reason SEC fans support their teams in record numbers. In addition to winning FIVE straight BCS Championships, six of the past eight BCS titles, and seven total since the BCS system began in 1998, the SEC has the most BCS bowl wins with 15.

The SEC also led all conferences in revenue from the 2010-2011 bowl season with $41.925M, topping its nearest competitor the Big 10 by more than $6.5M and almost doubling the monies earned by the Big East.

The SEC is national champions off the field as well, leading all conferences in Academic All-Americans in 2010-2011 with 43 (Alabama placed the most athletes). The SEC also had an all-time record of 23 earn first-team honors.

SEC Media Days has more than 1,000 credentialed members of the media – of course, more than any other conference -- who will all be asking the same question:  Will 2011 bring SIX National Championships in a row?

There’s only one way to find out … buy your tickets and let’s get ready for some football!

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