Sunday, July 24, 2011

Did Chris Landry Call Auburn a Crime Syndicate?

Chris Landry is a veteran NFL Scout, owns Scouting Consulting, a business that provides scouting consultation for NFL teams, helps universities and the NFL in coaching searches, and you can hear him on FOX Sports Radio as their college football and NFL analyst. One particular segment from the Petros and Money show on May, 30th involved an interesting question from one of the hosts where he wanted to know if the Ohio State incident was isolated or widespread throughout all of college football. Landry went into a nearly two and a half minute analysis of what the NCAA expected out of it's member institutions. Check out this excerpt:

"I do think that the NCAA is really concerned about a couple of things, and we saw this with USC, lack of institutional control. You see, the NCAA, they want their schools...because the NCAA IS it's member institutions, they want the schools to police themselves and when they do NOT police themselves, when they clearly have major pro...they're not...believe it or not, people don't believe this, but they're not concerned, eh, they'd never say this, they are not concerned if a guy goes and he gets a free meal and somebody picks up the tab."

"The problem is, when you have, like you had at Auburn, where you have Bobby Lowder, who ran the big bank there, and they were funneling money and it was like, you know, it was organized crime. You know, they are not concerned, I hate to use this term, they're not concerned with the "drug users", they're concerned about the "drug dealer" that's smuggling it into the country. Well, they, that's what they want to get. They want to make sure you are policing yourself as best you can, knowing full well you can't control if some kid goes out for a meal tonight and gets it free. But if there's a, you know, pipeline, and you got, you know, they're all going to this car dealership, or this place and that place and getting a lot of free stuff, and it's organized, that is really what they are going to hammer you on, and..and uh, that's where I think the programs get into some real trouble."

Wait a second. One more time. "The problem is, when you have, like you HAD at Auburn, where you have Bobby Lowder, who ran the big bank there, and they WERE funneling money and it was like, you know, it WAS organized crime." I find it interesting how he talks so non-nonchalantly about money laundering and organized crime at Auburn University as if it's common knowledge. I don't recall any major media outlet releasing any story about Bobby Lowder running an organized crime syndicate out of the loveliest village on the plains.

You can download the podcast here. Things get interesting around the 9:30 mark.

Exit question: Was this example from actual information or was it tongue in cheek?

Helmet Tap to @ThePointnLaugh. We didn’t realize he’d found this already.


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