Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Danny Sheridan tells Paul Finebaum that NCAA “has the bagman.”



Mike Slive opened SEC Media Days with a sweeping agenda for change that had the gaggle of assembled sportswriters oohing and aahing and wondering whether the NCAA might seriously consider such an agressive agenda.

But The Paul Finebaum Radio Network isn’t going to let Mike Slive dance around the 4,374,489 lb elephant in the room:

Paul Finebaum had the USA Today's Danny Sheridan on as a guest this afternoon, and Sheridan says the NCAA thinks it has found the bag man who helped Auburn pay for Cam Newton. I didn't catch the whole thing and the replay's not up yet, but this is news big enough to post it now and update later.

Most of what I have to go on right now is a series of tweets from Finebaum's Twitter feed. Here are the bullet points:

  • The NCAA investigation of Auburn ramped up after the Destin incident. Be careful what you wish for, Gene Chizik.
  • This is a quote from Sheridan: "As I understand it, the NCAA is trying to get an alleged 3rd person or bag man to come forward."
  • Sheridan reports that the investigation is all about Auburn and not about Mississippi State.
  • If the NCAA can put it all together, major sanctions will come along with vacation of the national championship and Heisman.
  • Sheridan closed by reiterating that the NCAA thinks it knows the "third party" who put up the money to pay for Newton's signature.

Obviously this is huge news. I'll try to update this as soon as Finebaum's web site posts the audio from the interview.

This follows the news earlier today, blogged about here, in Clay Travis’ half-right story about the NCAA snooping around Montgomery, looking for clues on Cam Newton and the HBO Four.

But what’s interesting about Sheridan’s comments to Finebaum is that he said that in 25 years, his source has never let him down. This strongly indicates that Sheridan is relying on someone close to or inside NCAA Enforcement. Sheridan would not compromise his source by blindsiding them on PFRN.

Which means that Sheridan almost certainly got clearance from his source to talk.

Exit Question: Is it wise to bet against Sheridan?


BB said...

whooaaaa... Nelly !!!

Andrew in Alabama said...

I think the same thing... Sheridan had the green light to disclose this. I think Chiz unknowingly lit a fuse in Destin and if the NCAA was simply investigating before, it looks as if they are now trying to inflict maximum damage and embarrassment to *U.

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