Friday, July 1, 2011

Checkerboard Chatter’s “Interview with the Enemy” series

Checkerboard Chatter—a Tennessee sports blog—is running an outstanding series of interviews called “Interview with the Enemy.” The series consists of interviews with rival fan blogs. The authors were kind enough to interview me earlier this week.

You can see the interview here. a Snippet:

CBC: Tell us a little about your love for the Alabama Crimson Tide. What are some of your favorite memories? What made you root for Bama?

IBCR: In the state of Alabama, you are born into an allegiance. And you never switch. Such apostasy is rewarded with disgust, derision and disownment.

My earliest memory of Alabama football happens to be one of the greatest moments in the storied “3rd Saturday in October” rivalry between our two great football programs. In 1972, I was 10 and was helping my father build a patio on a cool October afternoon. As usual, my father had the Alabama game on the radio. My “job” was to listen close and tell him what was going on while he worked. Tennessee’s defense was stout that day and led 10-3 late in the fourth quarter. My father was resigned to losing, but I held out hope. Sure enough, we got a great, long yardage play and scored to tie it. Then got a fumble on a Tennessee QB draw and scored again. Two touchdowns in two minutes. Alabama’s radio play-by-play announcer, John Forney, was almost unintelligible with delight, so I really couldn’t understand him well enough to tell my father exactly what was being said. So I just hollered, “Daddy, we scored two times in two minutes and we’re gonna WIN!”

This is a great idea and I wish I’d thought of it. Be sure and follow Checkerboard Chatter as it interviews bloggers associated with other SEC schools. You  can also follow @CheckerbChatter on Twitter.

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