Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bend it like Coach “Gumby” Murphy…

Murphy IBCR 2It was a wild few days, but Patrick Murphy says “Bayou” to LSU and returns home to Bama. Presumably since the Tide originally met LSU’s salary offer, he just broke into the college softball upper echelon at a new salary of +$200,000.

What prompted Murphy’s return decision?  According to Alabama’s official press release:

LSU offered me a great opportunity, but I realized once I got there that I had made a mistake that had nothing to do with LSU. I realized that I belong at Alabama. Alabama is where my heart is and I cannot in good conscience try to do a job in which I am not totally committed beyond any doubt. I can honestly say that the last few days have only made it clear that Alabama is where I want to be - beyond any doubt. It would have been totally unfair to everyone at LSU - especially the players - for me to be conflicted at all about where I was. … When reconsidering all of the factors involved, this decision comes down to the fact that I love the people at Alabama, the kids that have played for us there and who are on the team right now.

Murphy began with the Tide in 1998 and has racked up more than 700 wins, seven Women's College World Series appearances and six SEC Championships. His career .772 winning percentage is the fourth-highest in NCAA history.

Welcome back, Coach Murphy. Now let’s win that long-awaited National Championship!


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