Sunday, May 22, 2011

RIP Aaron Douglas. Albert Lin is a DICKHEAD

image A young life has apparently been cut tragically short, as internet news reports indicate that Alabama offensive lineman Aaron Douglas has died in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Neither the Fernandina Beach Police Department nor the University of Alabama had made official statements as of 1:15 pm CDT, but the Tuscaloosa News’ Chase Goodbread wrote that statements from both were expected later today. The FB Police had earlier told Goodbread that they were investigating a death in their jurisdiction but that the investigation was not yet complete and that the next of kin of deceased had not yet been notified.

I had initially held off on this post, as the story had all the signs of an internet rumor gone horribly wild. That does not appear to be the case. I ask that you offer sincere prayers for Aaron, his family, his friends and teammates.  Aaron was known as a fun-loving, hard-working gregarious young man with a bright future.

No family should ever have to suffer such a loss.

Extra Point: I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard about the tasteless entry about Douglas’ passing that was posted on ESPN’s College Football Rumor Mill. I’m not reposting it or even showing a screenshot. I don’t blame ESPN for such a lack of class. I personally blame the author—Albert Lin—for thinking that the post would be cute and snarky. Dickhead.

UPDATE: Capstone Report has the official statement from the University of Alabama.

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