Friday, May 27, 2011

BingoGate: Desperate McGregor subpoenas Bob Riley

image Laughable.

Filing under seal early last month, attorneys for casino owner Milton McGregor requested the court issue a subpoena for former Alabama Governor Bob Riley and several other former and current state officers.

It’s a desperate measure and the Alabama Attorney General’s office is rightly seeking to have the subpoena quashed, claiming that any testimony Riley et al could provide would be irrelevant. And, if it is relevant, then it’s protected under the same Executive Privilege provided to sitting and former Presidents of the United States.

Having Riley and the other officers testify to the matters in the subpoena would not only be privileged under the separation of powers concept of American government, it could also compromise completed, ongoing and potential future investigations of criminal wrongdoing by exposing the tactics, techniques and procedures used to catch bad guys.

If you’re a crook, wouldn’t you just love to know exactly how law enforcement and the executive branch of government goes about catching you?  Of course you would.

The subpoenas should be quashed and Riley should proceed on his planned motorcycle tour of the country.

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