Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BingoGate: Geddie files a motion to compel – what could go wrong?

This can’t be good if you’re cheering for the prosecution team. Bingo defendant Robert Geddie has filed a motion to compel, and unfortunately we don’t know what he’s seeking from the government because—like so many other documents in this case—Geddie’s motion was filed under seal and is not accessible by the public.


Geddie, along with his client Milton McGregor and nine other defendants were indicted last October on charges of conspiracy, bribery, money laundering and fraud in connection with an alleged scheme to bribe Alabama legislators into supporting a proposed constitutional amendment allowing voters to approve gambling in the state.

The feds got wind of the scheme, approached an Alexandria, VA Federal Judge and received permission to tap the phones of some of the players. The bill failed in the Alabama 2010 legislative session and the Bingo 11 were rounded up months later.

Recall that back in December, there were motions filed by defendants Tom Coker, Geddie and Milton McGregor to compel the prosecution to turn over the wiretap binders and other evidence associated with the government’s electronic surveillance last spring.   Those motions led to a flurry of filings, responses and a series of hearings that only concluded earlier this month with US Magistrate Judge verbally lashing the government’s “ridiculous” handling of evidence in the case.

Recall also that the prosecution team also includes Brenda Morris, the career prosecutor who was part of the team that famously botched the Alaska Senator Ted Stevens case. That case turned on guess what? The prosecution’s mishandling of evidence.

Here we are about eight weeks away from jury selection, and the defense is filing another motion to compel. Gee… What could go wrong?

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